Meet Meghan & Morty

Hey There, I’m Meghan, the owner and artist of ©Snorty Morty Designs®

Mortimer... AKA “Snorty Morty,” is the face and name of the company, who has also dubbed himself,


This brand is a reflection of finding beauty and joy in all things God created through my playful artwork. We hope to bring a little joy and a smile to your face through my art and Morty’s cute and funny personality!

©Snorty Morty Designs® aims to unleash your playful side with vibrant hand-painted greeting cards and gifts for the young at heart. Drawing inspiration from animals and nature, these designs infuse everyday adventures with a splash of imagination to encourage people to think of others.

I fell in love with greeting cards as a child because of the special connection they brought between me and my grandparents. I moved around  frequently growing up, making it harder to see my relatives. Receiving birthday cards and heartfelt notes was a way to feel closer to them from a distance. It was more than just a card for me, the artwork on the outside sparked my imagination, and their loving message on the inside was a precious reminder that the miles apart could never diminish the strong bond we shared. It’s incredible how a simple piece of paper can carry so much meaning and emotion. I believe this was the beginning of my desire to create a memorable feeling for others using the love of crafting something by hand.

A Greeting Card is more than a purchase. It serves as an emotional bridge, connecting you to someone else’s experiences and circumstances. Just as my artwork exudes a sense of lightheartedness, each card and gift is mindfully designed to inspire thoughtfulness for others.