stylish girl sitting on blue bench with sunglasses wearing a beach bums tshirt. she is carrying a sandal beach tote and a tumbler with ice cream trucks.

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Summer Gifts for Summer Gems! Whether you need to buy a gift for someone's summer birthday, a beach party or an outdoor barbecue, why not make it stylish by pairing it with the colors of some summer gemstones! There are a few gemstones that seem to reflect the vibrant days of summer - Snorty Morty Designs has some great gift ideas that will align with the colors and mood of these summer gems. Whether it is the blue skies, the sandstone colored beaches, or the vibrant colors of summer fruits there is a summer gem that will bring a sparkle to your eye.

Don't forget to keep reading to the end, to hear what a summer Gem Morty is and maybe he will hint what he is going to get me for My Birthday this month! For My Birthday Present to you, All Snorty Morty Designs Summer Gear is 10% off through 8/05/22 Code: RUBY

From a vibrant cornflower blue to a subtle baby blue, this gemstone encapsulates the clear skies of summer! Represent the simplicity and care-free feeling of the Zicron blue summer skies with this "Sandal Scandal Tote Bag" and this "Beach Friends Tumbler." The tote is perfect for running errands in town while the tumbler is a sweet gesture of friendship. Both are also great beach or pool gifts!

Click Here: Sandal Scandal Large Tote

canvas beach tote bag with blue sandals on it. White roses sticking out of bag and straw hat hanging over bag.

Click Here: Beach Friends Tumbler

friendship wine tumbler sitting on table with yellow background. Tumbler has image of girl and her dog at the beach.

With colors that range from blond to amber, Yellow Quartz displays everything we love about summer, the bright sunny days, the warm sand on your toes and just a happy feeling in general. Embrace that good Yellow Quartz vibe by giving someone this summer mermaid inspired beach tote and tumbler. They will be sure to have a sunny disposition when they take these to the beach.

Click Here: You are Fabulous Large Tote

canvas beach tote bag with starfish and mermaid inspired girl. Tote hanging from tree branch with flowers.

Click Here: You are Fabulous Tumbler

Wine Tumbler with Starfish and mermaid inspired girl sitting on wooden table in front of ocean.

Youthful and Vibrant describes a Pink Topaz. This Gem makes you think of things like ice cream, fruit smoothies, pool floaties and summer fun. This Ice Cream Truck Tumbler and Flavor of the Day Birthday Card would make a perfect Birthday Gift for kids or any ice cream lover!

Click Here: Ice Cream Truck Tumbler

Wine tumbler  with ice cream cones and ice cream trucks sitting on wooden table with tropical plants in background.

Click Here: Ice Cream Truck Card

Ice Cream Truck birthday card that says flavor of the day happy birthday. card is sitting next to a pineapple with sunglasses.

Ruby is a dynamic gem that is the July birthstone and only comes in one color, RED! Red is a bold color that inspires passion and excitement. July is just that kind of month, full of celebrations and summer fun. Checkout this Watermelon Tumbler that would be a perfect July Birthday gift or great for a summer Barbecue!

Click Here: Watermelon Tumbler

wine tumbler with watermelons all over it.

This Rich gemstone is one of three August birthstones and comes in a variety of colors but the violet gem is the most striking. It eludes a sense of royalty or fame with a bit of rockstar mentality. Show your friends you have a Spinel Gem mentality with this Summer Sass Tote and Journal to document your Summer adventures. Make a statement on the boat or at the lake saying you've got class with a little bit of sass!

Click Here: Summer Sass Large Tote

canvas beach or boat tote bag with classy vintage girls with floppy hat. bag says summer sass.

Click Here: Summer Sass Journal

journal with classy vintage girl in floppy hat with lemons

Sunstones are usually orange or red in color with glittering or shimmering inclusions. Share that summer shimmer by giving this Beach Bums Tote Bag and T-shirt to a sister, friends or even as a Bridesmaids Gift.

Click Here: Beach Bums Large Tote

back of girl walking on beach with design of 3 girls at the beach on a beach canvas. bag says beach bums

Click Here: Beach Bums T-Shirt

beach tshirt with beach bum girl art on shirt

The colors of a Larimar gemstone bring a feeling of serenity and relaxation just like a perfect summers day with blue skies covered in wispy clouds or a calming Caribbean seashore. Give yourself a gift of R&R with this Beach Mode Tote that will inspire you to pack your tote with a good book and head to the beach. Or if you know someone that needs a break from reality give this tote full of goodies along with this simple comforting card from Snorty Morty Designs!

Click Here: Beach Mode Large Tote

beach canvas tote bag with painting of beach chair, umbrella and ocean. Bag says beach mode

Click Here: God's Presence Card

Greeting card with  relaxing beach scene card says, "My presence will go with you and i will give you rest. Exodus 33:14

The One and Only Snorty Morty Gem

"Oh Morty, you are the twinkle of my eye and the rarest gem of all!"

"I know that's right, I shine so bright I put those other gems to shame, so do as I say and all of your Summer wishes will come true."

"I already do what you tell me to do, so it would be nice if you would grant my birthday wish this year since My Birthday is right around the corner."

"I have already granted it, you get to spend the day with me!"

"Well I do that everyday, how about a real present or be a nice boss and give me the day off of work."

"Hmmm, okay you may have the day off this once and your gift has four wheels."

"Oh my gosh a new car."

"Mmm Nope, people that get new cars don't take the day off of work. This four wheel present is something that you will push me around in during our walks, you love walks! Since I am a rare gem and you must preserve me, I deserve royal treatment! In fact it is too Hot in Texas for Bulldogs to be exerting energy. Now see, everyone wins... you get the day off, you receive the gift of pushing royalty in a chariot while taking a nice walk."

"That is not a present for me! That is a present for you! Oooh Morty you are no royal gem you are a Royal pain in the A**."

"Pardon me, as I sit on my Royal Throne, soon to be Royal Chariot Stroller, I cannot hear you. Now stop your whining and take me to the pool!"

"Happy Birthday to me I guess."

P.S. Morty can't swim and he refuses to put on a life jacket so he does not get to go to the pool. All he gets is a bath to clean out his back talking mouth!

What a Gem!

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