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Moo-ve over for the new mama's in town. Mother's Day is coming up and it is especially important to celebrate new moms. Their whole life has now changed so let them know you care by giving them a little something special to make them feel human again.

Here are 5 gift ideas! If you have not ordered or bought anything yet, being a mother is a full time gig so your gift is never too late! Don't forget to keep reading to hear Morty's tidbit on Mother's Day.

1. Mudder Like No Udder Mug

This funny Mudder Like no Udder 15 oz. Mug from Snorty Morty Designs, with a mama and baby cow is perfect for a new mom. They will be sure to get a chuckle out of it. Pair it with the Mudder's Day Card, (pictured up top) along with a nice bag of coffee or a coffee gift card. Let's be real, they get no sleep so they live off of coffee. 10% off through Mothers day... Code: MOOO

Mudder Like No Udder Mug (Snorty Morty Designs)
Click Here: Mother's Day Mug

Funny Story
My sister is a New Mom and when I was drawing this I had her and her baby in mind. I was giggling the whole time I was making this... My mid-30-some-year-old mind is kind of childish and I was thinking, "Oh this is great, I'm gonna have her and her baby dress up in cow onesies and pose like my drawing. We can take pictures and everything. Oh so funny... mama cow... baby cow... udders... milk" You get the idea hahaa! Needless to say, I don't know if any new mom really wants to be dressed up like a cow after giving birth. We will just leave this idea on paper and not bring it to real life. I will grow up one day...Maybe! Mmmm Nah!

2. Spa Day

Pamper a new mom with a spa gift box from Pillar Box Gifts. This all-natural aromatherapy spa care package is made for relaxation! This box includes; a lavender eye pillow, Keep Calm Essential oil aromatherapy roller, Wash That Hair All-natural dry shampoo scented with peppermint and rosemary essential oils and some cozy socks. 15% off through Mother's Day.

New Mom Self Care Package (Pillar Box Gifts)
Click Here: Mothers Day Spa Gift

3. Mommy Style Cocktail

This is great for a mom who is tired of coffee but is not drinking. This "Kin Euphorics High Rhode" is a nonalcoholic spirit that has positive effects on your body. It features a combination of rhodiola, gentian root, licorice root — which Kin claims will relax and energize you! On Sale for $25.

Non-Alcoholic Spirit (Kin Euphorics)
Click Here: Kin Euphorics High Rhode

4. Smash or Bash Room

Get a new mom a gift card to a local Smash, Bash or Ax throwing Room! Mom's have to be quiet and patient while the baby screams and cries on most days. Maybe Mama needs a little healthy screaming. This is great for a new mom who needs an outlet where her and a friend can unload their frustration with a laugh and a smash! Look in your local city.

Get to Smashing!!!!

5. Inspiring Children's Book

"I Wish for You" Written by David Wax and illustrated by Brett Blumenthal is a perfect gift for Mother's Day! This precious children's book with beautiful heart felt illustrations shares "A message of love expressing the wishes we have for our children to become strong, happy and confident." This book is timeless that a mom will always cherish and read to her child.

I Wish for You (David Wax and Brett Blumenthal)
Click Here: I Wish For You

Morty's Mother's Day Tidbit

"Ok Morty, do you know what you are getting me for Mother's Day since I am a fur mama? Also do you have any gift ideas for human mamas?"

"Okay well you are definitely getting a present. The Present of my presence. That is the greatest gift of all."

"That is oh so sweet of you! Ya know if you are gonna act like a baby brat I am going to treat you like one and start putting you in time-out."

"Oh please woman, I own you."

"Okay let's be nice now, do you have any good Mother's Day gift ideas for new moms?"

"Of course I do."

"Get a new mother a poncho! Those babies drool a lot."

"Mother's really need high quality pacifiers for their babies, maybe something with a strap around it so the baby can't pull it off... this is for safety reasons! Us Furry Friends are very confused by all of those baby squeaking noises, we think they are toys. You don't want your baby getting tossed around by your dog do you?"

"GIFT 3:
"If you are looking for a cheap Mother's Day Gift, re-gift your dog's muzzle. It's perfect... the baby will self soothe and the mom gets some sleep. Plus, us dogs don't need muzzles any ways, so it's a win win for everyone."

"Uhhh I'm gonna stop you there. I don't think those are great gifts, more on the lines of child abuse. So everyone ignore Morty's Mother's Day Gift Ideas. I don't know why I let him say anything he is a bulldog after all."

"Hey take it or leave it, you asked! However, I will say this, I like the cow gifts you said in the beginning, you can't go wrong with a cute cow!"

Snorty Morty gift shopping for his Cow Toy

"Thank you Morty, you are a very endearing bulldog."

P.S. Morty Drools way more than any baby I've ever met so I don't know what he is talking about. I'm the one that needs a poncho."

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

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