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Time is running out and we only have a few days until Christmas. We all know this time of year is a bit of a whirl-wind but now we are in a Christmas Crunch trying to get those last minute Christmas Gifts done on a budget and with as little shopping as possible. Here are some ideas you can slap together, with love of course, on a budget and by only going to the grocery store or your cupboard.

Okay, I know the, gifts in a jar, have been done a million times, but they are always a hit and are super easy and versatile. You could also mix it up by using a mug, tumbler, bowl or basket.

I'll break it down into gift categories so you don't have to do much thinking, this will at least give you some good ideas to run with.

Hang in there Morty you can put your two cents in on Christmas Gifts at the end.

"Who are you kidding, I am done with my Christmas shopping. I am a very organized Bulldog, how do you think I run this company?"

"You're right! My bad, you are the best as usual."


First things first:
Figure out who you are making gifts for. See some options below.

See what you already have laying around the house.

Find some type of container to hold the gift, either from your home, or buy when you are at the grocery store. I will make some suggestions, but try and use something pertaining to the gift so it's a two for one. Think mason jars, jelly jars, mixing bowls, baskets, mugs, tumblers, you get the idea.

Gift For The Health Nut

A Mason Jar, sitting on a rustic table, filled with nuts and cherries. Recipe in a jar for Cherry Pistachio Energy Balls.
Cherry Pistachio Energy Balls by: Fit Foodie Finds

Cherry Pistachio Energy Balls in a Jar
This gift is perfect for any avid health nut or for someone who has been talking about eating healthier in 2022. Just grab the ingredients and fill a jar, add a tag and voilà, your done! Check out the recipe on...

Fit Foodie Finds (As seen in picture)

1. Add some twine around the jar with a cute homemade recipe tag.

2. Keep Snorty Morty Designs in mind for a future health inspired gift. Check out this "Determination Large Tote" Bag, you can use this to hold your fitness gear on the go.

Determination Large Tote

Gift For The Beauty

A Mason Jar filled with a homemade vanilla brown sugar scrub. Adorned with twine and a tag.
Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrubs by: Suburban Simplicity

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub in a Jar
This is so easy! This gift is great for any woman. Not only will they smell good, they will also reap the benefits from the natural ingredients in a sugar scrub. Just grab the ingredients, mix in a bowl and then pour into a small jar. Finish up by adding a tag you made yourself or use the one provided below. Check out the recipe on...

Suburban Simplicity (As seen in picture)

1. Add some twine around the small jar with a cute printable tag Suburban Simplicity provided on her website. Just scroll down once you click on the link and you will find the printable.

2. Keep Snorty Morty Designs in mind for a future beauty inspired gift. Check out this "Timeless Mug" that resonates classic beauty! You could gift this to a friend accompanied with some nice rose tea. 

Gift For The Foodie

A Mason Jar layered with beans and seasoning. All the ingredients for 3 bean chili in a jar. The jar has a green bow around the top and is sitting inside a soup bowl.
3 Bean Chili by: Marathons and Motivations

3 Bean Chili in a Jar
This gift is great for anyone especially during the winter season. I also think this is just what people want to have on hand after Christmas for a quick meal. Just grab the ingredients and layer in a jar, add a tag, and yeehaw another simple gift out the door. Check out the recipe on...

Marathons and Motivations (As seen in picture)

1. Add some twine around the jar with a cute printable tag Marathons and Motivations provided on her website. Just scroll down once you click on the link and you will find the printable.

2. Make sure to always include the instructions for any food gift since you are just providing the ingredients.

3. If you want to do a little extra, throw a cornbread mix in a jar to accompany the chili. Buy your favorite cornbread mix from the store, dump it in a jar, write down the recipe from the box on a tag and tie it to the jar. Haha now that's easy. You are just giving the boxed look a face lift.

4. Keep Snorty Morty Designs in mind for a future Cowboy inspired gift. Check out this "Cowboy Boot Large Tote" Bag that can be used to pack a rustic indoor/outdoor themed picnic. Think... Chili, Cornbread, Cowboy Cookies, some Coffee and a Blanket.

Gift For The Host Or Hostess

Three Mason Jars filled with different infused liquors sitting on a Christmas table setting. The mason jars have twine wrapped around the top with recipe tags cut out as the shape of a mitten.
Infused Liquors by: Crowded Kitchen

Infused Liquors in a Jar (5 Ways)
This gift is great for any Host or Hostess. Get creative with this one. Since you are just making a small amount, use whatever liquor you have in the house and infuse with any fruit or flavoring that goes well with that type of liquor. Check out these 5 recipes on...

Crowded Kitchen (As seen in picture)

1. Add some twine around the small jar and write the name of the infused liquor on your own homemade tag.

2. Write a cocktail recipe for that specific liquor on the tag

3. Keep Snorty Morty Designs in mind for a future cocktail or mocktail inspired gift. Check out this "Calling All Cocktails Tumbler."

Gift For The Family

A basket filled with food gifts on Christmas Table setting. The Basket has packs of coffee, some snacks and a mason jar of hot cocoa mix.
Make your own Holiday Basket

A little bit of this and little bit of that in a Basket
Get a plethora on inexpensive and homemade items for the family so they can have movie night or game night. Fill up a cute basket or even a mixing bowl with whatever you want. Here are some suggestions...

A deck of cards, dice or dominoes

A small puzzle or word game

Microwave popcorn with some different flavored salts

A nice package of coffee for the adults

Fun S'mores Popcorn, checkout this recipe from "Almost Supermom"

Hot Cocoa in a Jar, check out this recipe from "THE FARMGIRL GABS"

1. Add a tea towel in the basket underneath the goodies

2. Add simple stickers or tags to label the gifts

3. Keep Snorty Morty Designs in mind for a future cozy gift for anyone with any of our hand-painted mugs.

Gift For Dog Lovers

A Glass Jar filled with Dog Treats sitting on a wood table. There is a Dog Collar wrapped around the rim of the jar along with a sticker on the jar that says Treat.
DIY Dog Treat Jar by: Must Have Mom

DIY Dog Treat Jar
this gift is easy peasy for anyone that has a dog. Just get a cute jar, put a sticker with the fuzzy friend's name and fill it with some delicious dog treats. Check out a full tutorial on

Must Have Mom (As seen in picture)

1. Wrap a bandana, bowtie or collar around the rim of the jar to make it a two for one gift.

2. You local grocery store will have dog treats but if you want to go a bit above and beyond, head to your local small business pet store for some homemade treats.

3. Morty recently tried some of Bocce's Bakery Treats, he loved them.

4. Keep Snorty Morty Designs in mind for a future fuzzy friend inspired gift with this "Beach Friends Pouch" that you can put any dog treats in when traveling.

"So Morty, do you think that the "Gift for Dog Lovers" is acceptable?"

"Yes, but I don't know why you are calling it, "Gift for Dog Lovers" It is really a gift for us. It should be called, "Gift for your better half." Oh, and we don't really want the bandana, bowtie or collar, we like to be the way God intended us, Fuzzy and Naked, So here is an idea, you wear the bowtie and we will have the treats!"

"Morty, you are being a little bit of a Grinch! Now be a nice boy and give me a hint of what you got me for Christmas."

"First of all, I am only being a Grinch because you made me wear a ridiculous Grinch sweater in public. It was too tight and it hurt my Thinking Wrinkles. Second, you already know what I got you for Christmas. I gave you Christmas Day off. As the Boss of Snorty Morty Designs, I feel like that is a pretty good present.

"Oh Morty you are so generous, but wrong answer. I will take Christmas Day off, plus another two days to go on a hiking adventure, and you may not come. I am going to Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest Canyon in the country, your short legs couldn't hack it."

"Okay I suppose, only because I know some of the Long Horns, from my bull wrangling days, that live around there, and they told me the snakes haven't gone into hiding yet. So good luck with that!"

"You don't know that! Anyways I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I hope these last minute gift ideas help."

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P.S. What Morty call his "Thinking Wrinkles" are really his Jelly Rolls!

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