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"Like Father Like Son," they say, but that doesn't mean a son always knows what to get their Dad for Father's Day. Don't worry, Snorty Morty Designs is here to help! We have a variety of Father's Day Gift ideas, everything from food to funny we've got you covered! Hopefully you find a gift idea that will be perfect for your dad!

Don't forget to keep reading to the end, to hear Morty's Fetching Father's Day Ideas! All Snorty Morty Designs... Father's Day gear is 10% off Code: BANANA

Bummin' It Mug & T-Shirt

This funny "Bummin' It" 15 oz. Father's Day Mug and Father's Day T-Shirt, with a Dad Monkey chilling in a hammock with his kid monkey mooning the crowd is hilarious. This gift from Snorty Morty Designs will be Dad's favorite! No Butts About It! Write a funny little note to go a long with the gifts in the Father's Day Monkey Butt Card, (pictured up top). 10% off Monkey Gifts, Code: BANANA

Father's Day Monkey Butt Card (Pictured Above)
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a 15oz Coffee mug with a red dipped handle with the design of two monkeys hanging out in a hammock.

Bummin' It Mug
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A Dad and a Son sitting on a dock fishing with their backs towards us. They are wearing t-shirts from Snorty Morty Designs. One t-shirt is red and one is green showing the back of the shirt with the design of two monkeys hanging out in a hammock with the words, "Bummin' It." Baby monkey is mooning the audience standing on top of dads monkey belly.

Bummin' It T-Shirt
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Two T-Shirts and a mug laying on top of the hammock. One t-shirt is red showing the back of the shirt with the design of two monkeys hanging out in a hammock with the words, "Bummin' It." Baby monkey is mooning the audience standing on top of dads monkey belly. The other shirt id green showing the front with the designs of a surf board in sand that says "Bummin It." The mug is a 15oz with a red dipped handle with the design of two monkeys hanging out in a hammock.

Father's Day Baseball Gifts

Most Dad's love Americas favorite past time, so get him this Hand-Painted Father's Day Baseball Card from Snorty Morty Designs, and slip in two baseball tickets! Whether it's an MLB game or just your local city's minor league team, your Dad will be sure to love it! 10% off Baseball Card, Code: BANANA

Father's Day Baseball Greeting Card with a painting of a baseball player at bat with the words "Happy Father's Day" and "#1 Dad." Also two images of baseball tickets slipped inside the greeting card.

Father's Day Baseball Card
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4 glass Baseball Park Map tumblers. The two baseball teams being displayed are the Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers.

Top off the gift with a set of two whiskey glasses from Uncommon Goods that features a map of an iconic MLB™ stadium in the team's two main colors. Pick your Dad's favorite Team of course.

Baseball Park Map Glasses - Set of 2
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3. Father's Day Activities

Get your Dad simple Father's Day Activity Gifts from Uncommon Goods. I know we all roll our eyes at bad dad jokes, but come on, you gotta get these Dad Joke Cards... everyone secretly gets a good chuckle out of them!

Turquoise "Dad Jokes" box set with smiling emojis. Box is opened showing 3 cards with examples of Dad Jokes.

Word Teasers- Dad Jokes
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illustrated Box Card set that says, "The Dad's Bucket List" the box set is opened showing card and categories: To Do, Doing, and Done, all pertaining to your bucket list.

This "Dad & Me Activity Bucket List" Is a great way to find out what's on each-other's bucket lists or create new adventures together.

Dad & Me Activity Bucket List
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Morty's Fetching Father's Day Ideas

"Ok Morty, I know you are not a Dad and you are a bit of a "Mama's Boy," but do you have any gift ideas for a son to get his Dad?

"Well, I never got a chance to be a dad because you cut off my Lil' Morty's before I had the opportunity to be #1 Dad of all time, if you know what I mean...?"

"Morty! This is a kid friendly company you need to reel it in."

"Bow-Wow, you must be feeling guilty! I'm just speaking the truth!"

"Anyways, moving on... what's a good Father's Day gift?"

"Well Dogs are Man's Best Friend so get Dad these "How To Speak Dog Cards" from Uncommon Goods. That way the Dad can totally understand their best fur friend while they hang out, have some snacks and watch sports together. Oh yes don't forget the snacks, yes, yes! Pair the cards with some dog treats too!

A picture of a card box set with images of dogs and the phrase "How To Speak Dog"

How To Speak Dog Cards
Click Here: Uncommon Goods

"Morty that sounds like a gift for Dogs, NOT for Dads! You can do better than that."

"Fine, well the Dad probably still wants to eat, watch sports, and hang out with their dog so... definitely get the cards and dog treats but just throw in something extra. How about Gourmet Pizza Dough! That way we can have pizza too! Who doesn't like pizza, mmm thanks Uncommon goods!

3 Gourmet Pizza Dough Bags being displayed; Epic Deep Dish Pizza Dough, Neapolitan Pizza Dough, Outdoor Grilling Dish Pizza Dough.

Gourmet Pizza Dough Gift Set
Click Here: Uncommon Goods

"Ok, as usual I give up. Morty these gifts were supposed to be about Dads and Sons not Dads and Dogs.

"Hey those are awesome Father's Day gift Ideas FROM the Son. The kid can hang out too! Dude's Day!

"Thank you Morty, you are a very selfless bulldog."

P.S. I will not admit this to Morty, but his Dad Gift Ideas aren't horrible. So to all of you sons out there, I hope Snorty Morty Designs gave you a few good ideas. Remember your dad will like anything you get him!

Black and White Image of Snorty Morty The Bulldog informing customers to go to to sign up for Morty's Mail. Snorty Morty Designs' Mailing List.

Happy Father's Day!

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