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Welcome to our Dog-alogue Blog. Where Me and Morty will be talking shop along with a little bit of a lot of everything. Today we will be giving some fun tips on how you can utilize Greeting Cards when hosting Thanksgiving.

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1. Greeting Cards for Recipe Swap:
Send your guests a blank greeting card and have them write down a recipe to bring to Thanksgiving for a fun recipe swap with all the guests.

Corny Bunny Card (As seen in picture)

2. Thank You Card with Leftovers:
Go to the dollar store and buy cheap Tupperware, tape a cute Thank You Card on top of the Tupperware ready to be filled with leftovers for the guest to take home.

Thank You Vase Card (As seen in picture)

3. Greeting Card Place-Card:
Add an extra touch to your table setting by creating a Place-Card from a Greeting Card like this one from Snorty Morty Designs…or re-purpose an old one by cutting off the back of the card and writing what you are most thankful for about each guest on the back of the cut card.

Pumpkin Special Card (As seen in picture)

4. Greeting Card Decor:
Use cards as simple decor by placing them around your gathering areas either in small frames or in little cork stands. Mix and match cards that have simple sayings with cards that are mostly artwork.

Thank-Fall Card (As seen in picture)

5. Greeting Card Placemat for Kids
Create a placemat for kids by gluing multiple cards on top of a piece
Cardboard, or heavyweight paper. Glue the back part of one of the cut cards in the middle so you can write their name. Easy Clean up!

A-Maize Me Card (As seen in picture)

Bonus from Morty:
"I love food. Foodie, Food, Food it is my friend. I am Thankful for all the yummies in my tummy! Humans make sure to have lots of food stations with easy access for us furr-friends to enjoy Thanksgiving too."

"No Morty you can’t eat everything you will have a belly ache, be serious you don’t want that! However, different food stations is a good idea."

"Okay fine. Humans, Don’t forget about us furr babies... but only give us things that are safe to eat, because we will eat it all if you aren’t careful. Here is a sample of a Safe Plate."

Doggie Thanksgiving Plate:
Plain shredded Turkey with dog friendly gravy, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, apple slices and pumpkin

Things that are not good for us:
Seasonings, mushrooms, onions, garlic, raisins, cooked bones, heavy fats like butter and turkey skin, alcohol, nutmeg and chocolate.

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Happy Gobble Gobble.

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